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2021 „Give me a call“, Installation, TRANSART 21, with VBB and SKB South Tyrol

2021 „Chair©ity“ Mixed Media Sculpture, SKB, Artweek Bolzano

2021 Story and Sounddesign for the illustrated soundjourney „A day in Ötzis life" South Tyrol Museum of Archeology

2021 „Zikaden“ Noiseaction, curated by HEINRICH SCHWAZER and Bücherwürmer Lana, Werkbank Lana

2020 „Norcal Noisefest 2020“, virtual live, Sacramento (USA)

2020 „Wunderkammer“ 3 art happenings, TRANSART 20, South Tyrol

2020 Videostills exhibition, PRISMA GALLERY, Bozen/Bolzano (collective)

2020 Video „A Floor Recording Journey“, for ARTIGATHOME virtual exhibition, SKB

2019 „Freiraum“, Video 3', new entries Südtiroler Künstlerbund (SKB), Prisma Raum, Bozen/Bolzano

2019 „Gennarino's ear bleeding“, Performance, Hospiz Festival, Neumarkt/Egna

2019 Performance, Cubo Botta, Belluno

2019 „Freedoom – Doomsday for us has come“ Performance, 50x50x50, Franzensfeste/Fortezza

2019 Assisted Readymade „Batteries of Freedoom“, 50x50x50, Franzensfeste/Fortezza (collective)
2019 Improvisation paint and sound, RAW ART GALLERY, (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

2018 „Apple“, Performance, EMBERFLY GALLERY, Bozen/Bolzano (solo)

2018 „Get involved“ with Julia Frank & Südtiroler Künstlerbund, Brixen/Bressanone

2018 Hommage to Man Ray, „Le retour á la raison“, with TEHO TEARDO, Rocca Malatestiana, Fano

2018 Choppa Festival, LASALLE COLLEGE OF THE ARTS (Singapore) (collective)

2018 Improv-Performance, INDEPENDENT ART ARCHIVE gallery, (Singapore) (collective)

2018 Improvisation with international musicians, RAW ART GALLERY, (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

2017 ARS ELECTRONICA, Linz (A) (collective)

2017 „Totenkaffee 1968“, interactive installation, Artfestival Urkult, Ritten/Renon (collective)

2017 „Approaching scenes of calmness – an art installation“, public space in the woods, Völs/Fié

2017 „Gennarin's Ear Bleeding“ Performance, Defibrylator Festival, Ostów Wielkopolski (PL)

2017 „Vorhölle“ Performance/Installation in a 2nd World War Bunker, curated by Erwin Seppi, Bozen (solo)

2016 „Housghosts – Ghosthouse“ Performance, HOTEL AMAZONAS Art Festival, Ritten/Renon

2016 „Prozess“ Installation with Petra Polli, KUNST BODENNAH, Klausen/Chiusa

2016 „Sounding Glass and Steel“ unauthorized intervention in public space, Bozen/Bolzano

2016 „195db“ Installation, Urkult Festival for experimental art, Ritten/Renon

2016 Performance at „Musiche non convenzionali Festival“, Levico

2016 „Ascenseur Baja“ Dada-Performance at HEHEHE DADA Gelage Curated by Martin Hanni (collective)

2015 Exhibition "MODS OF DEMOCRACY" moved from Prague to Franzensfeste (see 2014) collective

2015 Norcal Noisefest 2015“ Performance, Lunas Café, Sacramento (USA)

2015 “Speak of the devil” Performance, LUGGAGE STORE GALLERY, San Francisco (USA)

2015 „Tak, Track; Craak“ Dada-Performance, TRANSART 15, Völs/Fié

2015 Heart of Noise Festival, Performance, Innsburck (A)

2015 ZNFI - Zasavie International Festival of Experimental Sound and Noise, Performance, Trbovlje (SLO)

2015 “Resonantia”, LANA LIGHT Art Festival curated by HANNES EGGER

2014 “Bordergrounds“, DOX Centre of Contemporary Art, curated JAROSLAV ANDEL, Prague (collective)

2014 „Arche nOHRa“ installation at „Arche“exhibition curated by HEINRICH SCHWAZER, Fortezza

2014 „Hausgeister – Geisterhaus“ Performance/Installation at Stiegenhausmusik Innsbruck (solo)

2014 „Speak of the devil“ Performance, Bäckerei Innsbruck

2014 Sounddesign for the exhibition „Frozen Stories“ South Tyrol Museum of Archeology

2013 "Stapellauf zum Staffellauf" Project-Projection at Waaghaus, Bozen/Bolzano

2013 „Liftboys“ Performance with SVEN SACHSALBER, TRANSART 13, Vigiljoch

2013 International Festival ALPENTÖNE Soundwalk and Performance, Altdorf Swizzerland

2013 Installation LANA LIVE Art Festival curated by HANNES EGGER

2013 Interactive Soundinstallation „Ötzis Klangkaleidoskop“, South Tyrol Museum of Archology (solo)

2012 „Absent/Present“ for „Heute ist gestern von morgen“ SPARKASSA COLLECTION (collective)

2012 Roominstallations at „Alles wird Gut“ exhibition, curated by SVEN SACHSALBER, (collective)

2012 “Gartengeister - Geistergarten”, LANA LIVE Art Festival, Curated by HANNES EGGER, Lana

2012 Soundinstallation at AQUA DOME Austria

2012 DADA Performance with Lukas Zanotti, GOETHE 2 GALLERY, Bozen/Bolzano

2011 Installation, Home Gallery BRUNO FAIDUTTI, Bozen/Bolzano

2011 „Improvisation - Noise - Nomadism“ 10 day NoiseBuskerTour, Germany/Denmark/Sweden

2011 “Marend'n”, Performance, CULTURNACHT 7, VBB Bozen/Bolzano

2010 “Ode to Johannes Lepsius“ for the 39th FESTIVAL MUSICA SACRA, Bolzano/Trento

2010 Art Festival [UN]DEFINED 10, Performance, Meran/Merano

2010 “MANEGGIARECONCURA”, Eurac Research Academy, Bozen/Bolzano (collective)
2010 Antropological performance „Hausgeister - Geisterhaus“, Artfestival Supernova, Bruneck/Brunico

2009 Arthappening „Stören/Friede”, Meran/Merano, curated by Freistaat Burgstein (collective)

2008 MANIFESTA 7 Parallel event, GOETHE 2 GALLERY, Bozen/Bolzano (collective)
2008 MANIFESTA 7 Parallel event, „Trip...“ FOTOFORUM GALLERY Bozen/Bolzano (collective)

2007 “ICE Dome”, with the artist Tim Linhart, Glacier Senales (collective)

2005 “Soundfetish”, BIENNALE DI VENEZIA Arsenale, Italy (collective)

2003 Audio/Visual Performance, ARGE KUNST GALLERY, Bozen/Bolzano (solo)




2019 Artist in Residence, „West meets East“, Raw Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

2018 Artist in Residence, Klangfarben Atelier, St. Konstantin

2017 „Annäherung an eine Ruhe“, interdisciplinar public space art installation in the woods, Völs/Fié

2013 Interdisciplinar artist meeting „Gefährtin Natur“, Residence, Völs/Fié




2021 Art Project with students of elementary school Laives

2018 Contributor to „Improvisation from the western/eastern point of view“ School of Contemporary Art Singapore

2009-2018 „HERTZRAUSCHEN“ Perception/Improvisation Workshops (Italy/Austria)

2016 Soundart Projectweek in for the elementary school in Plaus

2016 „Maiday“ Crative-Workshop Ritten/Renon

2016 Lecture for pedagogical staff and parents „Frei(t)räume erwünscht“ for Bildungsweg Pustertal

2015 Audiovisual Project called „Wave capture – WC“ with students, South Tyrol Museum of Archeology

2015 Soundseeker Workshop in Vermiglio and Ritten/Renon

2015 Wokshop for teachers: „Klangexperimente fördern die Empathie“

2015 Kindergartenproject: „Perception through Soundhappenings“

2013 Interactive Project with students South Tyrol Museum of Archeology Bozen/Bolzano

2012 "Ablehnen/Auflehnen/Anlehnen" “Fieldrecording & realtime composition” Workshop, Innsbruck (A
2012 Jury member for the live-remusication of “no words movies” at “REJECTED” international movie festival in Innsbruck (A)




2012-2020 Curator Experimental Soundart Festival/Workshops „LaGrind Noire Fest“

2017 Co-Curator „Vorbrenner“ Experimental Theater Innsburck (A)

2015 Co-Curator of the 2nd edition of the international Harsh Noise Festival „Sonic Rape“, South Tyrol

2014 Co-Curator of the international Harsh Noise Festival „Sonic Rape“, South Tyrol




KOMPRIPIOTR also performs regularly in the experimental music underground, releasing many music related artefacts on numerous international labels.


projects, & collaborations



Performed, recorded & worked with: Monte Cazazza, Damo Suzuki (Can), Steve Piccolo, Gak Sato, Teho Teardo, Yong Yandsen, Eric Quach (thisquietarmy), Sam McKinley (The Rita), Brian O'Reilly, Timothy O'Dwyer, Goh Lee Kwang, Kai Lam, Crank Sturgeon, Patrizio Pica, Renato Sclaunich, Michele Mazzani, Gregorio Bardini, Andrew Wayne, Thomas Lehn, Tiziana Bertoncini, Randolph Arriola, Sudarshan Chandra Kumar, Joee & I, Zeekos Parakos, Siew-Wai Kok, Dirk Stromberg, Max Riefer, HomexInvasion, Rodney H.T Vita, Eugenio Sanna, Edoardo Ricci, Giuliano Tremea, Johan S. Hammarstedt and more…


and has released on these fine labels: LaGrind Noire, HNM records, Gerpfast Record, Musique Concrète, Pogo Records, The Eastern Front, Grand Spaceship Records, a simple lunch, Skitnaste, Harsh Noise London, attenuation circuit, Old Europa Cafe, Ominous Recordings...