KOMPRIPIOTR 's diverse and unconventional actions/happenings and installations resemble a dialogue with the unpredictable and combine so-called “accidents” with improvisation and spontaneity, aleatoric in generally. KOMPRIPIOTR aims at composing and deconstructing on multiple levels. Sensesaesthetics and ample space for coincidence are essential parts of KOMPRIPIOTR’s work. There are no boundaries when it comes to technique; anything will do to produce, extract and manipulate sound – from DIY selfmade instruments to musique concrète free improv and more. This is art that refuses to be pigeonholed. He find soulful moments from aparently soulless materials. In sound and art in generally the important thing for KOMPRIPIOTR is the childish playful experiment not so much the result.
There is no clear style definition for his abstract/extreme work he never keeps the same profile in his ongoing searching and experimentation in fluxus mode… Some voices calls him a “perception-artist”.